Bathroom Remodeling
Remodeling your bathroom is the one room in your house that will most likely affect your quality of life.
Most people are looking for more luxury and more overall space and storage in the bathroom.

A well-designed bathroom will make a difference in the way your day begins!

Kitchen Remodeling
Since we all tend to gather where the aromas of good food originate, a well-designed kitchen is the social center in your home.
Therefore, it is only natural that we want our kitchen to look beautiful, yet be functional. From designing your dream kitchen, to installing the cabinets and countertops,
or putting in the lighting and flooring. 1 Handyman will be there every step of the way!                 

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      What's Hot Right Now
  • recessed Light $65.00 Installed
  • TV Mounting $160.00
  • Door painting $80.00
  • Laminate $2.00 Sq. Ft. installation only
HOME      |      What We Do      |        SERVICES       |        CONTACTS
HOME      |      What We Do      |        SERVICES       |        CONTACTS
Some of our most requested features include:

Bread Boards
Roll-Out Trays
Slide Out Trash Bin
Spice Racks and Lazy Susans
Concealed, Self-Closing Hinges
Ceiling Fans
Ceramic Tile
Hardwood Flooring
Appliance Installation
Recessed Lighting

        Price: $65.00
      Call NOW
TV Mounting

        Price: $160.00
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Door Painting

        Price: $80.00
      Call NOW